Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is that a gingerbread house or what?

We had a blast decorating the gingerbread house with the kids. 

They are true artists and can you believe they like candy? I's shocking.

Seriously, what do you expect from 2 nerds like Jenn and I?
How in the world do you get icing to seal a heavy cookie like that? It's a joke. I think the professionals secretly use cement or something.

So this is officially my first post on this blog! I'm so excited for the future of 2 Nerds in Phoenix! Just wait for some action-packed, mind-blowing, butt-kicking, jaw-dropping photos. Just kidding....but they'll be fun.


Jennifer Wood said...

What the??? is right, I mean not Emma's version of "What the??" That was so darn fun!!!

DB said...

you guys crack me up.

Lizzy on the Counter said...

Can I be a guest nerd one of these days?

Amanda said...

Jenn you need to nerd it up a little more in the top photo. However, Kym is doing a great job! Nerds rule!

Middle Kid said...

I am absolutely the worst cook in the world and I have not one creative bone in my body, but even I got the gingerbread house to stand up. You see, I'm such a dork, I actually read the directions. You can't aspire to true nerdiness if you don't read the directions. Call me next year when you need help on the cookie domicile.

LRB said...

I'm diggin' your blog! Looking forward to more nerd posts ;)