Friday, December 19, 2008

Nerds at Bomberos

We really do try our best to keep our nerdiness within when we're meeting people for dinner. Fortunately for Jenn and I, Danielle (from Sweet Pea Bakery) embraced the nerd within and joined us for a photo-op on the random Vespa inside of Bomberos.

The food at Bomberos is awesome! My favorite was the tapenade bruschetta. The decor is really cool and where else can you find a 10' x 15' mirror leaning against the wall while you stuff your face? I couldn't help but check to see if I had olives in my teeth during dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Bomberos is putting the "sunny" back in the "slope." It's a great little place for a light breakfast in the morning or a glass of wine and a meal later in the day.